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“The Coffee Special” is a design package tailored specifically for the locally-owned coffee shop looking to enhance their business through excellent and honest design. As avid coffee drinkers, we know that coffee shop owners have their hands full, so let us help you keep your focus on the business.

First things, first. We need to make sure we have a domain name and hosting for your site. I prefer to use GoDaddy, so unless you have a preference, that’s what we’ll go with.


As for the design, here’s what I have to offer:

$100      Build the basic site:

  • Create a web presence that includes the important information about your shop, but also conveys its character. The site will be filled with content that you provide. I tend to use the platform because of its simplicity, both on the development side (for me) and client side (for you).

$100      Logo and brand development:

  • Create or refresh your current brand with a new logo and design language. We will create new, inspired graphics to enhance your site and brand.


Now expand your digital presence with add-on packages:

$100      Basic Social Media add-on:

  • Create a profile on all of the important social media sites, and link them all together.

$200      Photography add-on:

  • Hire our partner photographers to come shoot intentional, artistic and honest photos of your store, your work, and your brand. These will be essential for a beautiful website, and will also be posted on social media.

$100      Ecommerce add-on

  • Include a store on your site where you can sell whole bean coffee and merchandise.

Last but not least

For everything else we can bill at an hourly rate of $50, a 50% discount off of our normal rates.

And while most, if not all, of this work can be done remotely, I welcome the opportunity to come visit the shop and discuss life over a fresh cup of coffee. Just say when 🙂



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